Quality Guaranteed

NZ Manuka Natural was created to provide high quality New Zealand-made Manuka Honey products to customers around the world. There are a lot of fake substitutes out there and it can be difficult for someone to know genuine from fake. We are proud to say that the Manuka Honey products we carry have the following certifications to give assurance that you are purchasing a high quality and genuine product.

UMF®, "Unique Manuka Factor", is an internationally verified and recognised quality trademark. It is backed by an industry quality standard, product traceability, independent audits and a large network of accredited laboratories in New Zealand and around the world.
You can be sure that you are buying the genuine product, buying the best quality Manuka honey and that your rights as a consumer are protected when you purchase UMF® Manuka.
The UMF® trademark is owned by the Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA), formerly known as the Active Manuka Honey Association (AMHA). The UMFHA use a wide array of scientific testing to determine a Manuka honey's UMF® rating. The UMFHA has independent facility audits, independent label claim audits, independent guidelines & rulings on promotional claims, an independent commissioner and independent product traceability.
The role of the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA) is to ensure that food produced in New Zealand is safe, appropriate and meets all quality requirements. The NZFSA has created the Risk Management Programme (RMP), which is designed to identify, track, manage and eliminate or minimize hazards and risk factors in products of animal origin (including honey as a bee product). The prodcuts NZ Manuka Natural carry are RMP certified.

100% New Zealand made! All of the products we carry are produced in New Zealand and follow high standards of quality.